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We are dedicated in bridging the gap between private enterprise, industry and government, by creating collaborative and sustainable working relationships. Our goal is to create open lines of communication and solutions that benefit both Industry and City leaders as we fast track bureaucracy. Working smart, ethical and with sustainable momentum is what we do. Text me today!

Thank you for visiting LA Source Consulting. We have been in government relations business consulting for over 24 years. We are not a lobbyist. We have a large network of strategic partners in Leadership roles in State, City and Federal Government and the private business world.

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Main Services


Government Relations Strategist

Hiring a GA consultant or lobbyist is expensive and requires more output of resources and capital without the results you need right now

LASource offers quick, affordable results that do not require long term “retainers and contracts”. We get in and out until you need us again


Industry and Management Optimization

Sometimes companies need a fresh new look on their operations approach or overall vision and afraid to ask. That’s hard for business leaders to admit. Perhaps a few little tweaks or a major cultural overhaul. LASource can be that for you without the outrageous cost with maximum

Free consultation with free ideas. You may not even have to hire us after consultation. Yet if you do? Your ROI with LASource is on average a 20 to 1 return on investment. Many times it more. Look who we work with.


Contract negotiations and sales specialist

If you need someone on your team to negotiate for you, to see the greater opportunity, to drive a bigger vision. LASource will be that consultant that allows your greatest fears to be your greatest strength for a fraction of the cost.

Text me for a free consultation, no risk or hard sell, just a time to connect to discuss your personal needs. You will be surprised how we can help… if your ready.


Government Relations Strategist

Most small to medium company’s may not have a relationship with their state or local city representatives. Knowing heads of departments and key decision makers is a good way for you to keep your company moving forward. Proactive relationships verses reactive relationships is the better solution. We not only make this possible but affordable. Please contact us for a free consultation and speaking engagement


Industry and Management Optimization

Many different factors are a part of how a successful business runs. Bottom line strategies are not the only driving force to profit. To inspire, lead and share your companies vision, within your company, as well as within the communities you serve is another key to your companies success. We provide customize training and public speaking forums to surpass your companies objectives. A collaborative effort with employees and community leaders, elected officials shows a company’s true commitment to the bottom line…. Everyone’s success is how businesses are growing today! Please contact us for a free consultation and speaking engagement opportunity.


Contract negotiations and sales specialist

As businesses are growing rapidly today, the need to focus on corporate image and strong financial management is vital to your success. Community outreach within the communities you serve through public and community involvement, lends to your continued growth. Connecting your business today with solid community leaders and individuals that are progressive and concerned about business and sustainable community growth. We offer simple and affordable strategies and solutions that will help you and your business thrive. Please contact us for a free consultation and speaking engagement.